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Gypsum Calciner

Control grinding mills, kettles, and conveyors to grind gypsum rocks.

What does a Gypsum Calciner do?

Controls grinding mills, kettles, and conveyors to grind and dehydrate gypsum rock and transfer gypsum to storage bins or pulverizing machine: Opens storage bin gates to admit rock into grinding mill and starts mill. Feels ground rock to determine consistency and adjusts mill as required to obtain specified consistency. Opens chute to allow ground rock to flow into kettle. Lights fire under kettle. Reads temperature gauge and regulates fuel feed valve to maintain specified temperature inside kettle. Collects sample of calcined gypsum for laboratory analysis. Opens chute after specified time and turns air valve to force calcined gypsum into hot pits for cooling. Starts bucket elevators and conveyors to move gypsum from pits to storage bins or to ball mill for pulverizing. May operate rotary drier to dry gypsum rock before calcination.