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Gynecological Acupuncturist

Relieve symptoms related to women's health with tiny needles.

What does a Gynecological Acupuncturist do?

At first, the job of a Gynecological Acupuncturist — essentially combining the professions of a Gynecologist and an Acupuncturist — might sound a little painful. But never fear! A Gynecological Acupuncturist career doesn’t involve placing needles near nether regions. Instead, as a Gynecological Acupuncturist, you use pressure points across the body to improve a woman’s health, all without having to be invasive.

There are aspects of being a woman that aren’t always pleasant: emotional swings, PMS, cramps, menopause. The treatments for all these issues usually involve chemicals and hormone supplements. But as an advocate of Oriental medicine, you try to use natural means to produce a cure. There are more than 360 points from forehead to foot that connect with organs, and each one can be stimulated to increase the flow of energy, or “Qi,” throughout the body.

Needles placed gently, and usually painlessly, on points such as the ankle and lower back can help regulate the menstruation cycle. And a change in diet, and the consumption of herbs and flowers, can put an end to bloating and cramps. If anything, the state of relaxation you seek to leave your clients in will do wonders for their well-being.

Some women even come to you to seek help with infertility or the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy. Fertility treatments can cost thousands of dollars and sometimes involve surgery, so if your small needles can make a difference, you may win yourself a lifelong client. And if letting a new mother avoid morning sickness isn’t enough of a reward, just think how good it would feel to lend a helping hand so a woman could fulfill her dream of starting a family.