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Gymnastics Coach



Teach students to flip, balance, and jump.

What does a Gymnastics Coach do?

During a competition, a Gymnast may swing from bars, jump over an obstacle, do a little dance, and then balance on two hands and walk about. Performing all of these tasks requires strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, and great technique. A Gymnastics Coach helps that Gymnast pick up the skills he or she needs to succeed.

As a Gymnastics Coach, you may work with young students in community centers and gyms. Or, you may work with more experienced Gymnasts at the university or professional level. However, the techniques that a Gymnastics Coach uses in all levels are pretty much the same.

At the beginning of your lessons, you run your students through a series of drills to determine what they already know and what they must learn to do better. Then, you develop a plan to help each student improve. You may require some students to spend hours on balance exercises, for example, and others to work on their extension and form.

When students are working high above the ground, you stand nearby so you can step in and help if something goes wrong. Padding underneath the equipment can break a student’s fall, but you’re also capable of performing a catch in midair.

On competition day, your students may be incredibly nervous, and a case of the jitters can ruin a performance. You tease, coddle, and coax your students to help them relax and perform their best.

Gymnastics can be tough on young, growing bodies, and part of your job as a Gymnastics Coach is to ensure that your students don’t tax themselves too much and make themselves sick. Elite Gymnasts may work with Massage Therapists, Nutritionists, and Doctors on your direction to help them protect their bodies as they participate in the sport.

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