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Gymnastic Coach



Teach young gymnasts to tumble with safety, style, and poise.

What does a Gymnastic Coach do?

A Gymnastic Coach helps Athletes soar to new heights. That’s no easy task considering the nature of the sport and the dedication that Gymnasts need to succeed in it. When you’re a Gymnastic Coach, your split personality may rear its head as you strive to find a balance between being a nurturing and supportive mentor, and being a competitive and perfectionist Coach. It’s a delicate balancing act that you perform every day.

The duties and responsibilities of a Gymnastic Coach vary depending on the Gymnasts’ ages. Most Gymnasts start at an early age, so you might coach a gymnastics club of three- to five-year-olds. With this group, your main priority is to teach them to tumble without injuring their neck and spine.

When the group gets older and becomes an actual competing team, you turn your attention to fine-tuning their performance in all their events. And when they move up in the age brackets and are suddenly competing to become members of the Olympic team, you focus on the smallest minutia to improve their chances. But through it all, you remain their supportive Gymnastic Coach who quiets tears, calms frustrations, and keeps each Athlete on her toes.

Teaching proper technique on each piece of equipment is essential for safety, so you had better put your understanding and patient cap on. It may take one full hour of completing one tumbling pass on the floor exercise before the routine is perfect, and you must be able to physically and mentally handle that stress!

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