Gun Synchronizer

Adjust interconnecting control mechanisms of guns.

What does a Gun Synchronizer do?

Adjusts interconnecting control mechanisms of gun to synchronize gun with gunners sight and fire control computer: Lifts gun to work stand, using hoist, and connects electrical and hydraulic lines to power sources. Inserts borescope in muzzle of gun, and telescope and level in breech. Moves controls to level position of gun. Adjusts gunners quadrant to synchronize quadrant with gun at level position. Sets eccentrics within control mechanism in position level with gun and quadrant. Bolts control arm of ballistics computer to sighting adjustment controls. Sights through range finder and moves controls to align cross hairs of range finder on specified target. Looks through borescope in gun to verify alignment of gun bore on target. Adjusts eccentrics, and controls to regulate flow of electrical impulse into control instruments, to align gun and sight on specified target.