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Gun Perforator Loader

Load explosive powders or chemicals into gun perforators and carriers.

What does a Gun Perforator Loader do?

Loads explosive powder or chemicals into gun perforators and carriers used in shooting or burning holes through tubing, casings, and earth formations: Assembles perforators, using special handtools. Cleans, gauges, and lubricates gun ports distributed along barrel. Removes gun port, using special wrench. Inserts waterproof sealer and bullet into gun port. Places specified powder charge in powder chamber and screws gun port in place. Screws igniting charge in place on gun barrel and connects lead wire to cable connection with screwdriver. Inserts special fuse into carrier of jet perforators. Threads jet-shaped charge on fuse and inserts it into carrier and through port, using special tongs. Inserts specified powder charge in chamber of sidewall sample-taking cylinder and assembles cylinders, using special wrenches. Packs cylinders into boxes for field loading into core barrels. Stores loaded guns, explosives, and related materials in storeroom according to established safety procedures. Maintains inventory records and orders new supplies. May keep gun and explosive records in compliance with local and federal laws.