Gun Designer

Draw up personalized pistol and rifle blueprints from scratch.

What does a Gun Designer do?

To a Gun Designer, a gun isn’t just a piece of metal; it’s a highly specialized machine that can be customized to fit any requirement. Whether a client wants long range, high accuracy, or intense power, a Gun Designer makes it happen.

As a Gun Designer, you must learn about your clients’ needs before ever sketching a blueprint. Once you have a handle on what your target audience is looking for, you can begin the creative process.

Most days are spent in your office sketching plans, or in the shop running the machines to make a prototype of your design. You call on all your math, science, and engineering skills – as well as your eye for a polished design – to produce an efficient work of art. Gun design is about more than outside appearance. The path of the bullet, the reload time, and the force of the kickback all factor into choosing the best design.

Like a Doctor, you diagnose the flaws of your firearms and tweak them until they’re perfect. A sniper rifle shouldn’t have low accuracy while a handgun shouldn’t kick back so hard it knocks the owner over. Whether you’re crafting a firearm for Soldiers or Hunters, your carefully designed guns are a thing of beauty, efficiency, and accuracy.