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Gum Buster



Remove gum from public streets and buildings with a pressure washer.

What does a Gum Buster do?

Chewing gum is great. Well, as long as it’s in someone’s mouth, and not stuck to the bottom of a shoe or table where unsuspecting people can accidentally brush up against it. When gum ends up outside of a mouth but not in a trash can, it can become pretty gross and unwanted.

That’s when a Gum Buster goes to work. As a Gum Buster, you clean gum off of city sidewalks, stadium seats, school hallways, and the underside of school desks. You share the name “Gum Buster” with the machine you use. It’s a small gum-removing machine that uses a combination of detergent, steam, and a small bit of water to “bust” gum spots off of surfaces. At the end of the spraying wand is a small brush that you use to remove the really tough spots that won’t budge with just water.

Though old chewing gum is pretty gross stuff, cleaning it isn’t that awful. For one thing, when it gets pried up, the gum releases its flavor so you spend your days in a bubblegum-smelling cloud of scent. Also, the gum you remove is dried up and pretty harmless, so you don’t have to worry about constantly prying sticky stuff off the bottom of your shoes or anywhere else.

Another plus? This job will get you out and about. You can work in a major city (like New York), walking and cleaning the streets. Or you might work in a stadium or at a big university. But wherever you are, you’re making the world a cleaner place!

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