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Guitar Teacher



Give lessons on how to tune, pick, and strum a guitar.

What does a Guitar Teacher do?

Everyone wants to be the guy or girl with the guitar. You know, the one who captivates friends and strangers alike by flawlessly strumming song after song at the next big summer bonfire. As a Guitar Teacher, you help bring that daydream to life for people of all ages. Your instruction lays a foundation for one of the most rewarding and long-lasting skills a person can have – music.

Guitar Teachers are music lovers by nature who want to help others realize their own passion for the instrument. The job might put you in an elementary-school classroom, or in the homes of your pupils for private instruction. You help build Guitar Players from the ground up, teaching the finer points of form, guitar tuning, and seamlessly going from one chord to the next.

Even middle-age, self-taught Guitar Players seek your services. There’s always room for growth.

As anyone who’s ever tried to play an instrument can attest, learning to play the guitar isn’t entirely glamorous. A successful Guitar Teacher is a good motivator who can compel students to stick with it when they hit a wall. You help them recognize that practice makes perfect, and that music theory isn’t as hard as it looks.

Like other Teachers, your job isn’t going to make you rich. But under your care, students will be rocking out in no time.

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