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Guide Setter

Install and adjust rolls, passes, and guides on stands of rolling mills.

What does a Guide Setter do?

Installs and adjusts rolls, passes, and guides on stands of rolling mill, according to job specifications, using handtools: Determines installation procedure from rolling specifications, product dimensions, and section of mill to be used for rolling product. Assembles roll stands, using hammers, wedges, wrenches, and pry bars. Installs and adjusts guides on stands to control passage of product through roll passes, using handtools. Disassembles previously installed roll stands on mill and installs and aligns new roll stands, using blocks and wedges. Sorts and stores rollers and guides from disassembled stands. Observes guides during rolling to determine if they are functioning according to specifications and adjusts guides to obtain specified performance. May assist other workers in disassembling and removing stands from rolling line. May sort and store rolls, guides, and guards removed from rolling line.