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Group Travel Organizer



Sell tours to groups of people.

What does a Group Travel Organizer do?

Convincing people to travel the world usually isn’t difficult, but getting them to shell out the money required can get a bit tricky. The job of a Group Travel Organizer is to find people and create groups that will sign up for preformed tours.

As a Group Travel Organizer, you can think of yourself as a highly specialized Sales Representative who can sell to one of two groups. The first is travelers. When you work with this group, your product is a tour that’s already been created. This can be a tour you yourself have put together, or it can be one premade by a travel company.

Either way, you sell the tour to interested customers. You need to reach a certain number of participants, and you work to meet this goal by doing things like cold-calling, making presentations, or advertising online.

The other group you sell to is travel or tour companies. When you go this route, you form the group first and then shop around for a company that can give you what you want at the best rate.

In this case, you usually have an idea of what type of tour you’re interested in. For example, you may have a group of women looking for a girl’s weekend, or a group of parents looking for a kid-friendly vacation. With the group already formed, it’s up to you as the Group Travel Organizer to work with various Travel Agents to create the kind of experience that will get interested customers to buy.

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