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Group Insurance Agent

Help businesses pick out insurance coverage for their employees.

What does a Group Insurance Agent do?

Coffee pots, parking lots, and pencil sharpeners aren’t the only things that coworkers can share. They can also share an insurance policy. Large companies often provide insurance to all of their employees, whether they’re ill or healthy, and those policies are sold by Group Insurance Agents. These Group Insurance Agents work hard to provide plans that keep costs low and customer satisfaction high, making the sharing relatively painless.

As a Group Insurance Agent, you’re incredibly busy in the fall months, when insurance plans open their doors to new customers. During this time, you look over the plans your clients currently have, and you determine if switching plans will save money. When your research is through, you meet with all of your clients and present their options.

If your clients switch providers, you handle all of the paperwork to make the process go smoothly. Often, this means holding meetings with all employees, explaining the new insurance plan, and answering questions from the audience.

During the rest of the year, you handle logistical details for your clients. Rejected claims or missing payments may prompt individuals to call you, and you call the insurance company to determine what went wrong. You work as a Translator here, helping the insurance company and the person see eye to eye on payment issues. If you find that Doctors, Dentists, or other providers aren’t handling claims properly, you may call them to straighten out the issue, or you may ask the insurance company to send out intimidating professionals to do that work for you.