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Group Home Manager



Manage a group home that provides full care for residents.

What does a Group Home Manager do?

As a Group Home Manager, you’re responsible for the daily operations of a group home. “Group home” is an umbrella term for a nonsecure living facility for individuals who have a shared condition and cannot live on their own. These can include people with mental or physical disabilities or psychiatric problems, or youths who no longer live with their families and are in need of supervision. You hire, train, and coordinate all staff members to deliver comprehensive services to these residents.

While different group homes cater to different populations, all Group Home Managers share certain characteristics. First, you must be an effective communicator and a strong leader. Often, you need to make hard decisions for the good of the whole house or to protect individual residents.

Navigating complicated relationships among residents, and between residents and their families, is also part of the job. Each resident has a different background and unique needs. It’s your job to assess those and adjust care accordingly.

Another thing that all Group Home Managers share is a 24/7 on-call schedule. You may or may not live at the facility, but you’ll definitely spend more than eight hours there every day, planning and coordinating events and care, and handling administrative duties. The rest of your time is likely spent waiting for a page or your phone to ring. A good staff can help alleviate this pressure, but at the end of the day, everyone in that group home is your responsibility.

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