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Ground Support Equipment Assembler

Lay out, fabricate, and assemble missile ground support equipment.

What does a Ground Support Equipment Assembler do?

Lays out, fabricates, and assembles missile ground support equipment and related structures according to blueprints and engineering specifications, using handtools and power tools: Reads and interprets blueprints and engineering specifications to determine methods and procedures for assembling equipment and structures, such as missile loading systems, storage shelters, and launching equipment. Lays out reference lines on parts, assemblies, and accessories, using measuring and marking instruments. Drills, rivets, reams, taps, countersinks, trims, files, grinds, and forms parts and assemblies, using handtools and power tools. Assembles, aligns, and fits component parts, assemblies, and accessories preparatory to final assembly and welding at missile launch site, using handtools and power tools. Reworks assemblies according to engineering specifications. Verifies symmetry of completed assemblies, using surveying instruments. Discusses assembly sequence, tooling requirements, modifications, and related issues with engineers, liaison personnel and others. May test assembled mechanisms and assemblies following specified testing procedures, using test equipment.