Grocery Stock Clerk

Fill grocery shelves with products.

What does a Grocery Stock Clerk do?

When a customer dashes into the grocery store looking for those items that they need for dinner, they expect to find neatly displayed rows of products. A Grocery Stock Clerk is charged with making sure the customer finds the proper selection of seasonal, fresh, and organized meats, canned goods, dairy products, and produce.

As a Grocery Stock Clerk, you’re tasked with ensuring that each item is displayed, priced, and clean. You check inventory and submit ordering requests for items that are running low. Depending on the size of the store, a Grocery Stock Clerk might work strictly in one department – such as produce – or might cover the entire store.

Regardless of the product, you are in the warehouse when orders arrive, sign for deliveries, count or weigh products, and begin the process of moving them to the store shelves. That typically means carrying or carting boxes from the backroom to other parts of the store. When unloading boxes, you look for damaged or outdated goods, and rotate the broccoli, canned soup, or milk so that the oldest product is in front of the display. And speaking of displays, you’re commonly charged with creating and stocking the end cap displays for promotions and weekly sales.

As with most jobs, you wear more than one hat. So while you’re focusing on aligning cereal boxes perfectly, you’re also frequently called away to return merchandise to shelves, bag groceries, or deliver a customer’s order to their car.