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Oversee lighting and rigging during film production.

What does a Grip do?

A grip is a technician who handles lights and rigs in the filmmaking and video production industries. The primary goal is to work with sophisticated equipment that supports cameras and lighting devices, such as dollies, tripods, and cranes. There are different types of grips. A dolly grip moves the camera dolly with the camera operator aboard it so that he or she can film. A construction grip builds scaffolds and platforms for placing the cameras and also dismantles and packs the sets for storage. Key grips create the required sets for every shot and are also responsible for managing the budget. Best boy grips make sure that all the equipment and grips are in their proper places. Grips set up, dismantle, and maintain backings. They also set up, load, and unload equipment in addition to maintaining records. Knowledge of carpentry, the mechanics of light equipment, and camera technicalities are very useful and helpful for a grip’s career. There is no basic educational degree required as learning is achieved on the job.

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