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Grip Wrapper

Wrap leather strips around or slip rubber tubes on articles.

What does a Grip Wrapper do?

Wraps leather strips around or slips rubber tubes on articles, such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, and archery bows to form grips or handles, using one of following methods: Positions workpiece in machine that rotates article. Brushes or smears adhesive on area to be wrapped. Staples, tacks, or otherwise fastens end of leather strip to starting position of grip. Starts machine and feeds leather strip onto rotating workpiece to wrap handle area, taking care to align edges of strip against one another without overlap or open spaces. Trims excess leather at end of grip with knife and fastens with tape or sleeve. Places workpiece in vise. Wraps two-way tape around area to be gripped. Aligns and slides rubber tube onto workpiece to fully cover grip area. May wind nylon cord around neck of wood golf club head, using turning machine, and be designated Wood-Club-Neck Whipper.