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Grinding Mill Operator

Operate panelboards to control machineries and equipment.

What does a Grinding Mill Operator do?

Operates panelboard to control machinery and equipment, such as conveyor belts, vibrating feeders, rod and ball mills, centrifugal separators, distributors, magnetic separators, and pumps, to grind ore and scrap metal and to separate iron particles from gangue: Sets and adjusts automatic controls on panel to regulate feed flow of conveyors, flow of lubricant to rod and ball mill bearings, and flow of water to mills and separators. Starts grinding and separating machinery and equipment. Observes lights, dials, and gauges, and turns levers or pushes buttons on panel to adjust operating conditions, such as temperature of mill bearings, amount of electric current flowing through mill drive motors, and rate of ore and scrap metal flowing from feeder conveyors. Records number of machinery breakdowns and repairs, number of rods and balls charged into mills, and amount of ore and scrap metal processed. May pass hand magnet over sludge to determine extent of separation of iron particles from gangue by magnetic separators.