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Grinding and Polishing Laborer

Clean, deburr, polish, or grind items of metals, plastics, or rubbers.

What does a Grinding and Polishing Laborer do?

Cleans, deburrs, polishes, or grinds items of metal, plastic, or rubber, using handtools or powered equipment, performing any combination of following tasks: Scrapes or rubs parts with file, wire brush, or buffing cloth. Holds part against buffing or grinding wheel. Deburrs or polishes parts, using portable grinder, chipping hammer, buffer, deburring tool, or hand pick. Mounts part on revolving spindle or chuck and holds or moves tools, such as file, abrasive stone, or cloth against workpiece to file, grind, polish, or buff surface. Cleans interior surfaces of holes, using reamer. Changes tools on powered equipment. Applies abrasive compound, wax, or other dressing to facilitate cleaning or polishing operation. May be known according to process performed as Buffer II; Burrer; Burrer-Marker, Axle; Top-Edge Beveler; Wire Brusher.