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Grinder Machine Setter

Set up metal-grinding machines for Production Grinder Operators.

What does a Grinder Machine Setter do?

Sets up metal-grinding machines, such as external, internal, surface, and centerless grinders, for GRINDER OPERATORS, PRODUCTION 603.685-062, according to specifications, tooling instructions, standard charts, and knowledge of grinding procedures, and operates machine to grind first-run workpiece: Reads from blueprint and job order product specifications for dimensions, tolerances, and number of parts to be ground and tooling instructions, such as speeds, feed rates, holding fixtures, and grinding wheels to be used. Mounts grinding wheels on spindles with wrenches. Dresses wheels to specifications, using dressing devices. Moves controls to set specified grinding speeds, feed rates, and angle of grinding wheel to workpiece or vice versa. Positions and tightens cams to control depth of cut and length of stroke. Lifts and positions workpieces manually or with hoist, and secures them on machine tables, faceplates, or magnetic chucks, in chuck jaws, or between centers, using wrenches and clamps. Starts machine, moves controls to adjust machine settings, and observes operation. Verifies first-run products for conformance to specifications, using such measuring instruments as micrometers, calipers, and preset gauges. May feed machine by hand. May direct flow of coolant over cutting area. May measure workpiece prior to grinding to determine amount of material to be removed. May be required to have experience with particular material, product, or precision level, or machine of particular size, type, or trade name.