Grinder I

Grind and smooth surfaces of items.

What does a Grinder I do?

Grinds and smooths surfaces of items, such as automobile or appliance components, prior to finishing operations, using powered portable wheel, disk, or belt grinder: Examines and feels surface of workpiece for defects. Selects grade of abrasive belt, wheel, or disk according to specifications, knowledge of abrasives, and condition of metal, and attaches to grinder. Starts grinder and moves it over surface of workpiece to remove scratches, laminated metal, excess weld material, and burs. Polishes ground areas with finer abrasive to produce smooth, unmarred surface. Replaces worn abrasive disks, wheels, and belts, using wrench. May be designated according to type of grinder operated as Grinder, Belt; Grinder, Wheel Or Disk. May grind leaded-in portions of automobile bodies and be designated Grinder, Lead.