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Grinder-Chipper II

Grind and chip weld splatters from surfaces of fabricated metal structures.

What does a Grinder-Chipper II do?

Grinds and chips weld splatter, high spots, burrs, slag, and rust from surface of fabricated metal structures and parts to improve appearance or prepare for painting, using portable or pedestal grinders, chipping hammers, and wire brushes: Positions workpiece on worktable manually or using jib or crane. Inserts specified grinding wheel, wire brush, or cutting chisel into portable grinder or power hammer. Pulls trigger to activate power tool and positions and guides tool along high or defective spots on surface of workpiece. May chip or grind out pits or cracks. Grinds portable pieces, using pedestal grinder. May sharpen chisels and dress grinding wheel, using pedestal grinder or wheel dresser. May paint fabricated parts, using spray gun [PAINTER, SPRAY I]. May be designated according to tool used as Chipper II; Grinder IV.