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Greeting Card Writer



Think up meaningful verses for greeting cards.

What does a Greeting Card Writer do?

“I love you,” “Sorry for your loss,” and “Congratulations!” These punchy lines get to the heart of the matter, which is what you’re hired to do if you’re a Greeting Card Writer. In addition to popping out common greetings, you also humor, entertain, and console.

Greeting Card Writers commonly work for greeting card companies, but many companies also hire freelancers. As a Freelance Writer, you can set your own hours, and you often decide how much or how little you want to work. If working full-time is your goal, you can supplement your income with gigs as a Technical Writer or Jingle Writer, or even try your hand at becoming a published Novelist.

There’s no doubt that being a Greeting Card Writer requires creativity, but spinning out pithy quotes also requires dedication. Often, you’re your own boss and the paycheck won’t come if you don’t do the work.

You’ll also need to thicken your alligator skin because the life of a Writer is punctuated with rejection. In other words, just because you write the verses doesn’t mean the Publisher will love them. But Writers write because they love to write, so persist and you can succeed.

Whether you enjoy injecting feelings into your writing, hope to make people laugh until they cry, or want to express messages in a conversational tone, there’s a blank greeting card waiting for your talented touch!

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