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Greeting Card Editor



Combine great writing and beautiful art into attractive greeting cards.

What does a Greeting Card Editor do?

As a Greeting Card Editor, you oversee the process of writing and designing greeting cards. Just like any Editor, your job as a Greeting Card Editor is to correct mistakes and polish written work according to the standards of your employer, which, in this case, is a greeting card company, where you oversee either one department or the whole operation. You likely started as a Writer or Proofreader, and worked your way up to the Greeting Card Editor’s seat.

You may still do some writing yourself, but mostly, you oversee the work of other people, give assignments to your staff, and set deadlines. Aside from the work of your staff, you may also be responsible for reading and reviewing submissions from Freelance Writers. You create assignments based on upcoming holidays, current supplies on shelves, the demand for a particular kind of card, and the instructions of your Supervisors and publishers. And on top of all that, you control the budget, dividing it among Staff Writers, freelancers, and other relevant fees.

But of course, a greeting card isn’t a greeting card without the art, so you oversee that as well. Whether it’s photography or original art, you make sure it matches the text, creating a cohesive greeting card that anyone would love to give or receive. You may have your own personal taste in cards, but in this job, you must be flexible enough to accommodate the many different types of customers who’ll be buying your products.

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