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Give a warm welcome to customers or clients.

What does a Greeter do?

As a Greeter, you welcome customers and clients into an establishment of some kind. A wide variety of businesses employ Greeters, but no matter what the establishment is, for sure, the employer is going to want someone with a friendly face and an outgoing personality working the front door. If that’s you, this could be a fun and potentially easy job for you to land.

Being a people person is definitely a requirement if you want to be a Greeter. You should be easygoing, with the ability to carry on a conversation with a stranger. The bottom line is you’re the face of the company. Or at least the first face customers see.

And because you’re the first person a customer sees when coming into an establishment, and oftentimes, the last one they see as well, it’s important that you make a good impression. That impression is a lasting one, and is part of what keeps customers coming back.

You will, of course, be expected to give both a welcoming greeting and a warm farewell. But another objective of your job is to be a well of information. Because some people will just be coming in to gather information-like hours of operation, names of management, other branches-about your workplace, you’re there to provide that info. And depending on the type of establishment you work for, you may have running side work throughout your shift, such as leading a customer to a table if you work at a restaurant.

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