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Keep up fairways, sand traps, and golf course landscapes.

What does a Greenskeeper do?

People often base their impression of a Greenskeeper on the movie Caddy Shack. While the basic idea may be closely related, as a Greenskeeper, you’re not likely to blow things up. Instead, it’s your job to maintain the property and vegetation on a golf course.

The greens, roughs, tees, bunkers, water hazards, fairways, and general grounds of the golf course must be kept in good condition. This means mowing grass, removing debris, planting flowers, pulling weeds, and treating water for algae are all in a day’s work.

General maintenance duties are also typically included in your job description. You’re responsible for ensuring that the ball washers are working properly, cart paths are clearly marked, and tee markers are painted. In other words, if it touches the grounds of the golf course, it may be your responsibility to care for (or get rid of) it.

Understanding and enjoying the game of golf is not a requirement, but enjoying outdoor work is. Your days are mostly spent outside completing your tasks, so slather on the sunscreen. The Greenskeeper position is highly physical; it requires frequent lifting, bending, walking, standing, and climbing. Also, if you’re an allergy sufferer, being around all that freshly cut grass may not be the best idea for you.