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Greenskeeper II

Perform the duties to maintain grounds and turfs of golf courses.

What does a Greenskeeper II do?

Performs any combination of following duties, as directed by GREENSKEEPER I, to maintain grounds and turf of golf course in playing condition: Operates tractor, using specific attachments, to till, cultivate, and grade new turf areas, to apply prescribed amounts of lime, fertilizer, insecticide, and fungicide, and to mow rough and fairway areas at designated cut, exercising care not to injure turf or shrubs. Cuts turf on green and tee areas, using hand mower and power mower. Connects hose and sprinkler systems at designated points on course to irrigate turf. Digs and rakes ground to prepare new greens, grades and cleans traps, and repairs roadbeds, using shovels, rakes, spades, and other tools. May plant, trim, and spray trees and shrubs.