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Green Plumber



Install eco-friendly piping and waste treatment equipment.

What does a Green Plumber do?

Plumbers are found in buildings everywhere, from the new subdivision down the street to the day-use shelter at the local park. They fix leaky sinks, route the pipes through new structures, and install appliances. A Green Plumber takes the process a step further by learning about the products and practices that save money and energy.

As a Green Plumber, you still perform the common duties of a regular Plumber, but the focus of Green Plumbers is on saving money and resources, such as water and electricity. You create a plan that relies on the use of Energy Star appliances like dishwashers and hot water heaters. These innovative and enhanced appliances take advantage of the newest technologies, which are less thirsty for water and less hungry for electricity.

Not only is this great for the environment, but the cost savings are significant for the customer as well. And while the price for your energy-savings plan might be more than the average $400 appliance, paying less for power and water over the life of the appliance more than makes up for it. For example, you know that a solar-powered water heater might be an investment upfront, but it virtually eliminates the need to be on the electrical grid for hot water needs in the future.

You explain to the customer that, in addition to savings on gas, electrical power, and water bills, many appliances save them money through government rebates and tax savings as well.

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