Green Marketing Analyst

Do market research to help companies sell eco-friendly products.

What does a Green Marketing Analyst do?

A Green Marketing Analyst is a special type of Marketing Analyst. Their job is to gather consumer information for clients so they can make strategic decisions about who to market to and how. Because they’re “green,” however, they specialize in environmental sustainability.

As a Green Marketing Analyst, you deliver that message by first conducting market research via in-person, phone, and Internet surveys. This lets you find out what consumers want. Your work also involves researching your clients’ competition and examining buyer trends.

You then use the information you’ve gathered to develop marketing strategies and recommendations about what products to offer, as well as the design, distribution, and promotion of those products.

Because of your specialty, however, your clients are companies that want to appeal to eco-conscious consumers by promoting environmentally friendly products or services. You might work for a House Builder, for instance, who wants to advertise energy-efficient homes, or a Restaurateur who wants to promote farm-to-table food.

Whatever the case may be, you’re paid to find out if consumers want green products, if they’re willing to pay more for them, and how the company can help promote them with energy- and waste-efficient procurement, production, and packaging.