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Green Interior Designer

Fit out interior spaces with eco-friendly furnishings.

What does a Green Interior Designer do?

A Green Interior Designer is an Interior Designer who specializes not only in form but also in function. While many Interior Designers make spaces look good, Green Interior Designers make them both look good and do good—for people as well as for the planet. That’s because you focus on creating and decorating rooms that rely on environmentally sustainable materials and practices.

Like traditional Interior Designers, you first choose colors, shapes, sizes, and textures to “dress” up the insides of rooms. Next, you execute your creative vision by designing space plans, hiring Contractors, shopping for furnishings, and physically decorating unfinished spaces. Because you’re a Green Interior Designer, however, you also engage in environmental problem solving. That’s where the “green” comes in, as your niche is choosing environmentally friendly materials and incorporating energy-efficient design elements.

In your toolbox, for instance, are energy-efficient appliances, lighting, plumbing, windows, and doors, as well as low- and no-VOC paints, stains, and dyes. You also use recycled, reclaimed, and repurposed wood, tile, and furniture, as well as organic-fiber textiles and upholstery. In addition, you promote green “strategies” such as daylighting and rainwater harvesting.

Most interior design is pretty. Because it lowers utility bills, reduces waste, and improves indoor air quality, however, your interior design is also powerful!