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Green Funeral Director

Arrange funerals that are easy on the environment.

What does a Green Funeral Director do?

Green Funeral Directors not only support grieving families as they lay a loved one to rest-they also work reduce the environmental impact of funerals.

The funeral process might seem an odd place to go green, but traditional burial methods can actually be extremely wasteful, and bad for the environment. For example, embalmed bodies preserved in chemical-treated coffins don’t get composted back into the Earth; instead, they make the land above them unusable. Even cremating can produce harmful byproducts.

When you’re a Green Funeral Director, however, every process you touch has an opportunity to be made better for the environment. From biodegradable programs, to bamboo coffins, to planting a tree in place of a tombstone, you provide families with a way to say goodbye without leaving a negative environmental impact.

A Green Funeral Director is like a cross between an Event Planner and a Mortician: Sometimes, you’re required to oversee the production of a ceremony. Other times, you’re the one preparing the body. But either way, you’re in charge of keeping the whole process green.

Your resourceful mind offers the families you work with a unique experience as you address their personal needs with patience and compassion. Each client will have different ideas for remembering their loved ones, and it’s your job to fulfill their wishes in creative, environmentally healthy ways. Losing someone can be traumatic and emotional, so staying strong for a client is very important. Every day, you’re able to remind a family that even though they may be facing loss, their funeral decisions are helping keep the planet beautiful for us all.