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Green Building Architect



Create plans for environmentally friendly buildings.

What does a Green Building Architect do?

A Green Building Architect designs buildings with the environment in mind. A lot can be done to increase energy efficiency, use sustainable materials, decrease waste, and integrate a building into the surrounding ecosystem. It’s your job as a Green Building Architect to figure out how to best integrate all that efficiency into a building.

On a typical day as a Green Building Architect, you might analyze the local weather patterns to determine which direction the building’s windows should face, how heating and cooling can be achieved naturally, and what type of plants might be incorporated into the interior or exterior design. Or you might take a look at different materials made from recycled fibers to compare how they absorb sound, reflect sunlight, or affect employee morale.

Depending on the number of eco-friendly standards your building meets, it could earn an impressive LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate. Besides having the satisfaction of knowing that people will live or work in the building you designed, you can rest easy knowing you’re also helping them reduce their environmental impact.

This is a challenging job, but the field is growing in popularity and there is plenty of room for being innovative and making a name for yourself.

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