GRE Grader

Oversee the GRE, a standardized test for would-be graduate students.

What does a GRE Grader do?

While GRE could stand for something exciting like “green reptile exams,” in reality, it stands for “graduate record examinations.” These tests are given to people who are planning to enter graduate school. So forget working with lizards. As a GRE Grader, you score those tests and record the scores in a database.

Students can take the GRE test both by computer and on paper. In the former case, the GRE Grader checks the student’s credentials first before directing them to a computer. As the students take the test, you walk among them to make sure they’re not cheating. Wearing soft-soled shoes allows you to sneak up on cheaters without alerting them to your presence.

When the test is complete, you download the students’ scores and transfer the results into a database. The students may ask to see the results, but often, you won’t let them do that.

If the students take the test on paper, you run their papers through a machine that tallies their scores. You then type the scores into a computer system, taking care to pair the right student with the right score.

Students often depend on their scores to get into top schools, and as the GRE Grader, you might face pleading requests to doctor scores for students who failed. As a professional, you resist this temptation.