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Grass Farmer

Grow and tend grass for landscaping purposes.

What does a Grass Farmer do?

The grass is green on this side of the fence, and it’s all thanks to the Grass Farmer. More than simply watching the grass grow, a Grass Farmer knows what makes grass green, what makes it grow, and how to make it grow better. Working in a variety of settings such as golf courses, country clubs, landscaping companies, and commercial sod producers, Grass Farmers essentially know everything there is to know about what it takes to grow great grass.

As a Grass Farmer (a title which falls under the broader category of Turf Manager or Horticulturist), you devote your time to improving the color, strength, and longevity of different grass species. Relying on your experience in horticulture studies, you make decisions that directly impact your final product – grass.

For example, when you’re employed by a commercial sod producer, you likely focus your efforts on very specific types of grass. Studying the growth characteristics of Kentucky bluegrass lets you understand its growth patterns and nutrient needs. You then experiment and tweak the fertilizer to suit the species’ specific needs. Through a bit of trial and error, you eventually determine the specific type of fertilizer needed, along with the amount and frequency of application.

To be a Grass Farmer, you should love getting your hands dirty and using your analytical skills. Also, you must be able to sit, stand, bend, and twist repeatedly throughout the day, as you’ll lift trays of seedlings, soil, and fertilizer while you tend your crops.