Graphite Pan Drier Tender

Tend vacuum-filter dewaterers and gas-fired pan-driers.

What does a Graphite Pan Drier Tender do?

Tends vacuum-filter dewaterer and gas-fired pan-drier to prepare flake graphite from mill slurry: Starts pumps, filter, and drag mechanism on pan-drier. Lights gas burners on drier with torch and turns valves to regulate temperature as judged by color of flame. Turns valves to admit graphite slurry into dewaterer which extracts water and discharges damp graphite onto pan of drier. Judges degree of dryness of graphite as drag mechanism moves it along length of drier pan. Adjusts drying rate by regulating input rate of graphite slurry into dewaterer. Removes filter paddles and replaces filter cloths, using mechanic’s handtools.