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Graphics Coordinator

Serve as a link between Graphic Designers and clients.

What does a Graphics Coordinator do?

Though most people hate to admit it, marketing is a powerful force in dictating what we buy. It might be subconscious, but a picture of a happy family piques an interest in health insurance, and a picture of a happy puppy makes us grab another bag of dog food. A Graphics Coordinator understands the power that pictures have. As a Graphics Coordinator, you spend your days perfecting clients’ images for their packaging and advertisements.

Though there’s a definite art side to the job of a Graphics Coordinator, one of your biggest responsibilities is to act as a point of contact or liaison between the client and pretty much everyone else at your company. It works like this: A client working with a Sales Manager picks out an image they want recreated on the side of all their packaging. The Sales Manager passes it on to you, and you evaluate it for things like size and color quality. Essentially, you make the call as to whether the image will translate in the way they hope.

Once you approve a design, you work with vendors to get the products you need to make it happen, and with your company’s Graphic Designers so they understand what they have to make. As a Graphics Coordinator, you have a hand in the design process from start to finish.

You create the timeline of the work, too. If the client decides to change the design, you’re the one to rework the timeline and let the creative department know they need to change things. You also give presentations to keep the client updated on the production process, and let Customer Service Associates know what can be promised to new clients.

The job of a Graphics Coordinator entails a lot of communication. You should expect to spend a fair amount of time giving presentations on potential artwork to new clients, writing reports to let management know what’s happening, and connecting with both vendors and internal clients.