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Graphic Design Professor



Teach university students about graphic design.

What does a Graphic Design Professor do?

Magazine centerfolds, cereal boxes, television show credits, and book covers are all designed by Graphic Artists. These professionals combine color, art, and text to make truly eye-popping designs. But before they became masters of design, they all had to learn the trade from Graphic Design Professors.

As a Graphic Design Professor, you likely work for a college or university. Some of your students may be wide-eyed Artists who are itching to develop their own designs. You, instead, force them to sit at their desks and listen to you talk. This may make them hostile and angry, so as a Graphic Design Professor, you remember to sprinkle your lectures with plenty of visuals.

You dissect famous advertising campaigns, and discuss the use of art and text, pointing out how one font differs from another, for instance. You also discuss color theory. You may require your students to buy and read a book to reinforce what you’re teaching in class. And then you give them tests on the information found in the book.

You also teach your students how to use sophisticated computer layout programs to do their work. Standing behind them as they work on a computer, you point out how they should be using the program. You may give them tests in the computer programs, and you look over their completed designs.

At the end of the course, you give each student a grade based on their attendance as well as their performance. You may write letters of recommendation for outstanding students, helping them to get good jobs in the industry. As for the struggling students, you console them and then send them to the Academic Advisor to choose a different field to study.

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