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Granulator Machine Operator

Operate machines to mix and granulate powdered ingredients.

What does a Granulator Machine Operator do?

Operates mixing and milling machines to mix and granulate powdered ingredients preparatory to compressing into medicinal tablets: Weighs out and measures ingredients, according to formula and size of batch to be mixed. Starts mixing machine to blend ingredients and adds starch paste, gelatin, or water and alcohol solution to mixture to bind ingredients. Breaks up lumps in mixture, using spatula or mortar and pestle, spreads mixture onto trays, and places trays in oven or steam drier at preset temperature. Removes trays and feels material to ascertain dryness, or tests material with moisture meter to determine whether batch requires additional mixing or drying. Installs cutting blades and screens, using handtools, and operates oscillating or comminuting mill to force mixture through sieves and produce product of specified fineness. May screen granulated mixture to determine size range of granules. May tend ion-exchange equipment to remove mineral salts from water. May tend tumbling barrel or other equipment to mix binders, flavoring oils, and lubricating agents for use in compounding tablets.