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Grant Manager

Use grant money to complete community-oriented projects.

What does a Grant Manager do?

Every year, large businesses and different levels of government set money aside to donate, or grant, to projects they deem worthwhile. The Grant Manager gathers information about a project, researches the best grants available, writes grant proposals (requests for money), and manages the resources of successful proposals.

Let’s say the City of Hoedunk has set aside five million dollars for “Community Enhancement Projects.” Your company wants to build a park. As the Grant Manager, you collect plan details about the park, formulate the grant proposal to the city, and follow-up to resolve any concerns.

Asking for money, that sounds simple enough, right? Yes, except that the funders (people with the money) receive hundreds or thousands of requests for that same money. You have competition so the benefits of your project must shine above the rest. To improve your chances, start with a thorough understanding of the project. This means being involved in the pre-planning stages. How many workers will the job employ? How long will it take? Will you be able to get the proper permits? What is your total cost estimate? These are just a few of the details that your funder will want to know.

Congratulations, you won the grant. Now, you continue your job as Grant Manager by managing the resources and employees in order to stay within contract, budget and timeline constraints. Your funder will want constant updates to ensure their investment is on track. With attention to detail, networking skills, and strong communication, you can impact which projects reach completion in your neighborhood.