Grain Wafer Machine Operator

Tend machines that form and bake whole grains of wheat or rice into wafers.

What does a Grain Wafer Machine Operator do?

Tends machines that soak, form, and bake whole grains of wheat or rice into wafers: Dumps sacks of grain into soaking tank. Turns valve to regulate flow of water into tank, and starts tank revolving. Turns off water after specified soaking period and starts air blower to dry grain. Pushes lever to empty tank, and starts screw conveyor that moves grain into feed hopper of baking machine. Lights gas burners to heat crushing and baking rollers. Starts machine that flattens and bakes grains into solid sheets. Turns valve to adjust temperature of rollers depending on color and texture of extruded sheet of wafers. Fills salting hopper, using hand scoop.