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Grain Picker

Separate and weigh samples of grains.

What does a Grain Picker do?

Separates and weighs samples of grain preparatory to grading: Pours grain sample into hopper of sample divider and pulls lever to allow grain to fall through divider into two receptacles. Removes and weighs specific amount of grain from each receptacle to obtain representative but reduced sample. Pours sample into cleaning mill or through sieve of standard mesh to remove foreign matter. Smells and examines sample to determine if grain is sour or musty, or to detect damage from excessive heat or moisture. Pours grain sample into standard quart kettle, weighs sample, and reads conversion chart to obtain weight per bushel. Separates damaged, weathered, soil-stained, and undeveloped grain from grain with no defects and places grain in separate containers. May remove grain sample from incoming shipments.