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Grain Elevator Clerk

Record data pertaining to receiving, storing, and shipping of grains.

What does a Grain Elevator Clerk do?

Records data pertaining to receiving, storing, and shipping of grain at grain elevators: Examines bin slips or track list to determine type, destination, and estimated weight of railroad car. Signals workers to dump or load cars, using bell, light, or telephone. Pulls lever to open slide gate on storage hopper to dump grain into scale hopper. Weighs grain and inserts ticket into automatic recorder on scale that stamps weight on ticket. Notifies government inspector to examine beam scale balance and stamped ticket. Records weight, description, and destination of grain shipped and received. Keeps charts indicating location and contents of storage tanks. Assigns workers to jobs according to work schedules, and reviews timecards. Grades and weighs grain samples, using hand graders and scales, and records results. Reads thermometers on control panel to ascertain grain temperatures at various levels in storage tank. May start conveyors, select flow pipes, set trippers, and select storage tanks to convey grain into storage or to loading department.