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Grain Drier



Tend steam or gas-fired drums to dry grains or yeasts.

What does a Grain Drier do?

Tends steam or gas-fired drum to dry grain or yeast: Starts dryer, turns steam valve, or lights gas burner and observes thermometers and pressure gauges to heat dryer to operating temperatures. Opens valve or starts screw conveyor and vacuum pump to convey wet grain through heated drum and into discharge hopper. Observes feeder gauge and turns valve or moves rheostat lever to adjust flow of yeast or grain to capacity of dryer. Feels dried grain or yeast to judge moisture content or measures with moisture meter. Adjusts valves to vary heat of dryer and grain and yeast flow to change moisture content to specifications. When drying grain, attaches cloth bag to discharge hopper. Weighs filled bag and seams top of bag, using portable sewing machine.

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