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Grader Marker

Draw and cut sets of garment patterns.

What does a Grader Marker do?

Draws and cuts sets of garment patterns, grading master pattern for each set, and draws marker pattern for use in cutting garment material: Receives set of master garment patterns from PATTERNMAKER 781.361-014 for grading. Positions paperboard, grading device, and master pattern in specified sequence on worktable to mark reference points that serve as guides for joining garment part and pattern outline. Turns knobs on grading device to set dial indicators at specified settings, utilizing reference chart and reference points on master pattern. Marks reference points on paperboard and draws lines between points to outline pattern. Cuts paperboard along pattern outline, using scissors, and marks each pattern section with information, such as garment style, size, and number. Positions carbon paper, marking paper with printed measurements, and complete paperboard pattern sets on worktable, and arranges patterns on marking paper to minimize waste and to determine material needed to position complete pattern set. Draws outline of patterns on marking paper for use in cutting garment material.