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Gossip Columnist

Keep your readers in the know about celebrity gossip and rumors.

What does a Gossip Columnist do?

Which costars were recently caught canoodling? Who’s the latest Singer canceling her world tour due to “exhaustion”? Which reality star just had a facelift?

Following celebrity lives, making cutesy celebrity couple names, and keeping a vigilant bump watch on all Actresses in Hollywood all seem like national pastimes—as American as apple pie and baseball. If you’re one of those people who check the latest on Lindsay Lohan before even getting out of bed in the morning, or could rattle off Brad Pitt’s dating history since he was born without batting an eye, a job as a Gossip Columnist might be perfect for you. Gossip Columnists combine journalistic and writing skills with the ability to tell compelling stories. As a Gossip Columnist, you work for online and print publications, writing blogs, articles, and everything in between on celebrities and other famous people.

Tabloids are the first thing most people think of when they imagine the workplace of Gossip Columnists. You could work at one of these supermarket stand papers, but you might just as easily find yourself covering the entertainment beat for a national newspaper, or providing colorful information for a sports website.

Though gossip stories have a healthy dose of speculation and, well, gossip, they aren’t all entirely made up. Faking quotes and writing lies are illegal, so any story you publish needs to start with some grain of truth. You investigate leads and interview friends of celebrities, Managers, Public Relations Representatives, and the stars themselves to get as many facts as possible before filing a story.