Golf Course Ranger

Oversee a golf course and enforce the rules of the game.

What does a Golf Course Ranger do?

A Golf Course Ranger patrols a golf course and enforces the rules of the game. Most crimes happen in back alleys and basements, not golf courses, where the worst thing to happen usually results in a penalty stroke instead of a prison sentence. But golf courses aren’t always peaceful. Often called a “gentleman’s game,” golf is full of rules for conduct and play, and golf courses are full of people who break them.

When you’re a Golf Course Ranger, you spend your day in a golf cart or Ranger car, traversing the course in order to monitor, manage, and assist players. Equal parts security and customer service, your job as a Golf Course Ranger typically involves multiple responsibilities.

For example, you direct players in golf course conduct, and explain to them the rules of the game. You also solve disputes between Golfers, and assist injured or ill players. In addition, you replace divots, report maintenance needs, pick up litter, and inspect green fee tickets to make sure only authorized players are using the course.

Perhaps the most important part of your job, however, is maintaining the pace of the game. If Golfers are moving too slow—taking too many practice shots before each swing, for instance, socializing on the course when they should be playing on it, or spending an excessive amount of time searching for a lost ball—it’s your job to nicely but firmly move them along so the golf course doesn’t experience traffic jams or bottlenecks.