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Golf Course Manager



Direct the staff and operations of a golf course.

What does a Golf Course Manager do?

It is common for a Golf Course Manager to be on call 24/7. As a Golf Course Manager, you are the key player in making sure every aspect of the golf course runs smoothly. This includes monitoring the maintenance, pro shop, and restaurant crews.

Depending on the size of the golf course, you may have a Landscaping Manager who reports to you. As the Golf Course Manager, you listen to suggestions, keep up to date with the tasks they perform, and approve maintenance projects and budgets. Although you aren’t generally spreading the fertilizer yourself, you are aware of every watering, seeding, weeding, irrigation, and tree-trimming schedule on the course.

You spend a lot of time in the pro shop. This requires you to monitor inventory of shirts, hats, golf balls, etc. You submit orders, make sure the items are properly displayed, and observe mark downs. You’re also in charge of the staff in the pro shop, so you do the hiring, evaluating, and firing. Vacation requests, pay raises, and promotions go through you as well.

In the restaurant, you have staff that cook and manage, but you communicate with the Supervisors about food offerings, quality, supplies, inventory, prices, and operating hours. You ensure that food safety and inspection laws are being observed. You also deal with staffing issues.

This position requires you to take a holistic view of the entire golf compound. In order for all areas to run smoothly, you need capable staff, good communication skills, and the ability to delegate responsibilities.

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