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Golf Coach



Help golfers iron out bad swings and minimize mulligans.

What does a Golf Coach do?

A tiny, white ball can be the savior or the nemesis of a Golfer. Hit the ball properly and it can sail right into the hole. Hit it improperly and it can travel into a sand trap, a water trap, or the viewing crowd. A Golf Coach helps a Golfer make friends with the ball and win the game.

Golf games are often improved with practice, and as a Golf Coach, you spend hours coaching your Golfer. The swing the Golfer uses to hit the ball is of prime importance, and you break that swing down into separate parts so each part can be perfected. You tape the Golfer and use the video to point out errors. Sometimes, you demonstrate perfected swings yourself.

The mental aspect of golf is almost as important as the physical aspect. Players must plan, stay calm, and stay positive. Tantrums, in general, don’t improve a golf score. A variety of methods, from meditation to Tai Chi to deep breathing, can help an angry Player relax, and one of your duties as a Golf Coach is to teach those methods to your students.

Professional Golfers are under an immense amount of pressure to win games. These Players may come to you for ongoing coaching, or they may ask you to help with a specific aspect of their game. For example, you may provide several sessions to help them improve at short shots.

During tournaments, you stand to the side and call the Golfer to you when you see a mistake made, instead of providing moment-to-moment coaching. Sometimes, you give tips to help the Golfer before a complicated shot.

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