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Golf Ball Diver



Recover sunken "treasure" in the water hazards of country clubs.

What does a Golf Ball Diver do?

Golf courses are designed to be both beautiful and punishing. Water features can catch the shimmer of the sunlight, but they can also swallow up golf balls. Golf Ball Divers scoop up these misdirected balls so they can be cleaned and sold to other self-punishing Golfers.

Golfers may not like to see Golf Ball Divers at work. That’s because as a Golf Ball Diver, you’re a reminder of their failures. So most of the time, you do your work very early in the morning, before the Golfers arrive. Having the course to yourself is one big perk of the job.

When you arrive, you strap on scuba gear and dive to the bottom of the water feature. It’s likely that you won’t be able to see the bottom, as it’s probably covered with algae and plants, so you feel for golf balls with your hands. When you find a golf ball, you drop it in a collection bag.

The work is physically demanding. While one single golf ball may be quite light, 100 golf balls are definitely very heavy. Hauling these big loads from the bottom of a lake requires big muscles.

When you’re done scouting the water feature for errant balls, you package them all up and give them to your employer. You keep an accurate count of all of the balls you collect, and provide that paperwork to your employer as well.

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