Golf Ball Cover Treater

Mix chemicals and dip buckets of golf balls into chemical solutions.

What does a Golf Ball Cover Treater do?

Mixes chemicals, dips buckets of golf balls into chemical solutions, and tends machines that tumble balls in solutions to vulcanize, etch, and cure covers preparatory to painting: Pours specified amounts of chemicals and water into dip tanks. Fills dip buckets with balls and lifts bucket into tanks manually or using hoist. Moves bucket through series of dip tanks for specified time in each tank. Empties balls into storage boxes and moves boxes to curing room for specified time. Loads tumblers with balls and opens valves to fill tumbler with water. Measures and pours or pumps in specified amounts and types of chemicals. Runs tumblers for set time, empties solution, and fills and runs tumbler through rinse cycle. Repeats chemical treating and rinse cycles according to curing specifications. Empties balls into buckets and places balls on racks for storage in drying room. May test sample balls for compression [INSPECTOR, GOLF BALL].